How might Someone in your field address the issue of migrant workers living in dangerous and defective buildings?

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Assessment task details and instructions:

  • Human Rights Issue: Many workers live in old, dangerous and faulty buildings. Due to electrical issues, many of these buildings catch fire. As a result, many of the workers either end up dying or get severely injured, or lose all their belongings and have to move to another place. Moreover, their salaries are generally low and it is extremely hard for them to start over again, especially since they are migrant workers.
  • Identify a work role related to your major. Then provide a short description of the work role you have identified. For example, if you are studying Marketing, your work role might be ‘Marketing Director of a Clothing Retail Company’.
  • Identify and discuss possible interventions that might be considered by someone working in that role.
  • Explain clearly how this specific issue relates to the work of someone working in that role. You might consider: what things this specific human rights issue might lead the person to consider when carrying out their role; what things they might do differently in the light of an awareness of this issue; how they might raise awareness of this issue inside their organisation or more widely. You should also discuss any realistic limits you might face in taking action in relation to this issue, such as local laws and customs, ‘Whistleblowing’ policies and their absence etc. You could also discuss what has already been done to solve this issue but also how it could be ameliorated from your perspective specifically and in your field, generally.
  • Where possible, you should refer to any relevant Human Rights Conventions or Treaties and to any relevant academic literature. All sources should be correctly cited using the APA referencing system.
  • The essay should be no more than 1000 words, excluding references, and should not include sub-headings.