How do the concepts of the Ecological Systems Theory relate to self?

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Essay Requirements:

· 3-4 pages

· APA format

· Citations must be used throughout the entire essay

· Points will be deducted for spelling/grammatical errors, typos, and APA format errors

· Essays will be assessed using the Dialogues of Learning written communication rubric

Students will apply the concepts of the Ecological Systems Theory (Bronfenbrenner) to themselves. This will be the final insight paper. Students are to explain how this theory applies to their overall development thus far. Students must include an introductory paragraph with a topic (thesis) sentence, appropriate transitions, a concluding paragraph, and reference page. Students must cite the iBook for this paper.

Content Main Ideas:

  • 7: The self is influenced by societal factors and how we believe others perceive us.
  • 9.2: Social support can contribute to the development of a strong sense of self.