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This is a 2-part final analysis that consists of:

  • Question responses (written)
  • Innovation Challenge

The purpose of this exam is to analyze your ability to synthesize your learning in this class and to apply it to your greater world. I will be utilizing a version of the Genius Hour Creativity Rubric (attached here) as a foundation for grading your final project.

You will submit 2 separate documents in Moodle. You may want to present your Challenge in a presentation slide, though any format is acceptable as long as it can be uploaded to Moodle.

Part 1: Question Response

Drawing from your experience in the class, answer the below questions. I am expecting your answers to be presented in essay form though will also accept other means of communicating your responses, such as Haiku, storyboards, descriptive drawings, etc. Just make sure to answer the questions in full, professionally, and thoughtfully. You need to use references to articles, credible resources, and class matter to justify your answers.

Please single-space all writing (do NOT double-space). All responses should be in the same document, which will be uploaded in one attachment in Moodle.

On Creativity:

  1. Why are we even talking about creativity in a business class? Talk about the larger need for a creative workforce.

II. Can we actually assess creativity?

  • In 250 words or less: How is creativity currently assessed? Find at least 3 articles from the Hartness Library. One article needs to be from a peer-reviewed journal. Choose a few methods by which creativity is measured and briefly describe them here. Do you feel they accurately assess creativity? Are the results relevant? Do you feel like it’s possible to really measure creativity?
  • In a paragraph: How are institutions–especially education–killing creativity? How would you redesign them for more creativity? Include a reference to a few of the parameters in which creativity thrives.
  • In a paragraph: What are the role of assumptions in our creative and innovation process? How can we become aware of our assumptions? How can we ‘check’ them?

III. Creativity & Innovation in the Workforce:

  • In 250 words or less: Choose a company that’s often designated as ‘innovative’. Find ways that the company is fostering a culture of creativity. Give specific examples and cite at least 2 credible sources outside the company’s website. (You can choose any company you wish. Some places to start might be companies like Zappos or companies from this list).
  • In 250 words or less: Find an example of a ‘failed’ innovation. What made the innovation a failure? How was ‘success’ measured in the first place? What is the value of ‘bad’ or ‘failed’ innovations? How could you have made the ‘failed’ innovation more successful? Where was the promising part of the idea?
  • In a paragraph: What role does diversity and conflict play in the creativity process?
  • In a paragraph: Do you believe in the protection of ideas? Why or why not?


  • In a chart: What are the steps of Design-Thinking?
  • In 250 words or less: Why do we keep talking about empathy in a business class? What is its importance? Why is it relevant in the marketplace?
  • In 250 words or less: How can we build empathy?

Part 2: Innovation Challenge

You have 2 challenges from which to choose. Go through the Design-Thinking process to come up with a physical product, an app, and a service you could prototype. List out the process you would utilize to come up with an innovation to tackle the challenge you select. Include the questions, tools, and techniques you learned about in the class that would help you come up with your idea to prototype. Make sure to list the questions you’d ask, the people you’d ask, the problem statement, and a series of ideation & idea selection techniques, which types of prototypes you’d pursue, and how you’d go about testing the prototypes. This is the “showing your work” part of this assignment.

Your challenge process should be presented in one presentation/slides file. Include all of the steps you went through, your ideas, and your prototypes. Present your 3 prototypes in drawings or video uploaded into the slides/presentation file. You may find help referring to and modeling the presentation you made for the birthday challenge.


How might we get products to people without generating plastic waste?


How might we dramatically reduce food waste by transforming our relationship with food?

Come up with an app, service, and product.