HIV/AIDS, Power Point Presentation assignment help

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  A description of the vulnerable population HIV/AIDS and why they need assistance in your community.

  A description of the health service needs of the vulnerable population you have chosen to serve with your program.

  In order to support the need for the service you propose, cite statistical data obtained from your county health department, state health department, and organizations or agencies who serve the vulnerable population in LAS VEGAS, NV

  A description of your proposed community service or program; include the specific service(s) provided and one continuum of care level (prevention, treatment, or long-term care). Explain how the selected service(s) and the continuum of care will impact the chosen population.

  Discuss the social and cultural norms of your vulnerable population and how these play a role in the need for the services offered by your program. Describe how the vulnerable population experiences the health care system.  Analyze methods your program can use to overcome social and cultural differences.

  Identify two or more community organizations or agencies with which you can partner in order to implement your program. Explain how these organizations can help you implement the services you offer and the continuum of care offered by the potential partnering agencies. Explain which services these organizations will provide to your clientele that are not covered by your program.  

  Analyze at least four potential funding sources for your program, one of which must be from a state-funded agency, one of which must be from a federally funded agency and the remaining two can be not-for-profit or for-profit business sources. Explain what factors must be met in order to receive funding from your sources.

  Your final project will demonstrate quantitative literacy, which shows your ability to identify and solve problems.  Additionally, you must demonstrate integrative learning, which means you combine your earlier learning from this and other courses, analyze data from multiple perspectives, explore issues to their full extent as is required in the assignment, as well as incorporate your own personal and professional experiences.

 The PowerPoint Presentation:

•  Must be at least 20 slides in length (not including title and reference slides).

•  Must include a title slide with the following:

◦  Title PAGE

◦  Must use at least eight scholarly sources, not including the textbook.

•  Must document all sources in APA style

•  Must include a separate reference slide, formatted according to APA style Must include detailed speaker notes for each slide.

•  Must be creative, using images and charts. Remember to cite all images taken from an online resource. Creative Commons and Flickr are great websites for open source images.