history project over 2000 words

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You will conduct research on a topic in the history of modern Berlin that conceptualizes both human agency and the operation of large-scale forces in the final analysis. These assignments are designed to aid you in finding and understanding historical primary and secondary sources, with the understanding of historiographical debates related to your topic, writing outlines, and building arguments using historical evidence.

This project must connect to one or more of the themes we will study. You will include and critically analyze a variety of primary and secondary source documents in this project to support and argue your thesis. Projects should be well written in narrative form, free of major typographical errors, provide proper citation of sources, and be a minimum of 2000 words in length, not counting footnotes/endnotes and bibliography.

The three research assignments will work toward the final project, walking you through the process of writing a research paper. The research assignments are as follows:Research proposal, Annotated bibliography, Outline

need to use Chicago style