History Powerpoint Presentation

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The topic is:

Women and education Gender equality in the workplace Women’s participation in government Women and economic opportunity

Background info:

The twentieth century saw women gain the right to vote in much of the Western world. Women also began to hold office and go to college. As the twenty-first century opened, women had more economic and political power and independence than ever before, but they were far from experiencing true equality in much of the world. Inequalities between women and men are being addressed by international organizations in the hope that greater economic freedom and empowerment for women will not only help them secure a better future for themselves, but also have a positive influence on overall health, education, and other social indicators in the communities in which they live.


2. Narrow it down to a subtopic, and write a focus question about the subtopic. 3. Research the topic and organize the information. 4. Create a brief PowerPoint presentation that addresses the focus question. Remember, a PowerPoint

presentation gives an overview of a topic. It does not use lengthy sentence or paragraphs. It is not an essay. However, your presentation will include some elements of a research paper including a thesis statement and clear supports using specific information.

Although you will have slides that contain bulleted items, try to avoid creating a presentation that consists solely of a series of slides with bulleted text. Make use of PowerPoint’s capabilities for presenting text, animation, video, and audio. Include in your presentation your position on why you think this issue is important enough to be a current topic.

Include a bibliography (works cited page) as the last section of the presentation.