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look up the definition of “historiography” & absorb its meaning.  Then in a separate file/piece from your social issue essay, write 1 page or more discussing the particulars of your social issue project, specifically as it pertains to historiography.

e.g. what biases, slants, angles etc. have you been able to discern in any of the literature on your topic?  explain any of these as thoroughly as possible.  what sorts of omissions, lack of information, misinformation, inaccurate or invalid information have you been able to discern? explain.  just write/talk about your own critical evaluation of some of the source materials you have read & studied as part of your social issue essay.  how is history or anything about events prior to now crafted & recorded?  what weaknesses can you grasp & discover about how history is crafted & published?  keep in mind that ANYTHING prior to this moment is officially “history.”  

you may also write about any evaluations or judgments of source material that you have found or see fit.  this is a platform for you to show that you know how to read critically, as well as a chance to cultivate & hone your own grasp of how history is written and passed down.  [remember: “history” is not just ancient stuff. its anything prior to right now.]