hist121 forum 8

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Department standards require that your initial post be at least 250 words long each week. You must respond to at least three of your classmates’ initial posts (threads under your own post are not eligible for credit). Each of your peer responses must be at least 125 words long. Short posts will not be eligible for full credit. Your initial posts are due by 11:55 pm ET on Thursday night. Your peer responses are due by 11:55 pm ET on Sunday night. Late work will be graded in accordance with department policy, as follows:

  • Work posted or submitted after the assignment due date will be reduced by 10% of the potential total score possible for each day late up to a total of five days, including forum posts/replies, quizzes, and assignments. Beginning on the sixth day late through the end of the course, late work, including forum posts/replies, quizzes, and assignments, will be accepted with a grade reduction of 50% of the potential total score earned.

In this week’s Lesson, I quickly and briefly outlined how religion has changed throughout the periods we covered in our class and how it will continue to change and shape our world in the centuries covered by HIST122. For this Forum, I would like you to choose a theme that had its origins in the periods covered by our class and explain how it has been prominent throughout Western history up to the Thirty Years’ War (roughly 1650). Because I provided the example of religion, you may not use it for your Forum post. Be sure to include specific historical examples and details from at least two different time periods and civilizations covered in our class in your explanations.