Hello there, I need some help for this very easy and fun MKT348 (Marketing Communications) activity please

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Media Buying 101

Use the following resources to gain additional insight into media buying:

1) HubspotLinks to an external site. (Note: you will need my logiin info, which I’ll provide to you)

2) OBI CreativeLinks to an external site. (Note: you will need my login info, which I’ll provide to you)

3) Hey Whipple, Squeeze This (our book) pg. 171 (Note: I’ll provide a pic. of this page to you)

Then, answer the following questions:

1) Check out the job for a media buyer (Swanson Russell, Ervin + Smith, and Firespring all have openings). What are the similarities and differences between the overview of media buying/planning and the job descriptions you’ve found? Does the job interest you at all?

2) Which media channels could your client use to attain their objective? Why? (Note: I’ll provide you with my client’s (business) name and the info about them and what they do)

3) Link to a TikTok video that describes media buying/planning well based on what you know so far that could help you help your client. The video could be specific to one platform (we’ll find that lots are social media specific). 

4) Why does segmentation, targeting, and positioning matter in media buying/planning?

5) How could a buyer persona help with media buying/planning?

6) Why would a company change their art/copy on ads depending on the audience?

7) How much does it cost (approximately) to run ads for television, newspaper, billboards, magazines, and at least 3 different social media platforms? Is it worth it for your client at that price based on what you know so far?

8) Guerilla marketingLinks to an external site. is a viable option for some clients. How could your client use this strategy to achieve their objective? (Note: I believe you won’t be requested to provide any logiIn info to access this provided link, but please let me know if you are)