Harvard University Marketing Paper

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This case study assignment will reinforce concepts related to market segments, targeting, and positioning. In addition to these strategic components, the case will bring pricing strategy into the strategic planning process. 

Clean Edge Razor is a ‘wet shave’ company that sells nondisposable razors (i.e., consumers buy replacement razors), very much like Gillette Fusion blades. Refer to the instructions in the Syllabus & Course Info section in order to access and read this case on the Harvard Business Publishing website.

Review the case and respond to the following questions:

a.) What are the dynamics of the non-disposable razor category? Is it stable, growing, or declining? Include supporting information from the case. b.) What is Paramount’s (company that sells Clean Edge) position in the industry (i.e., market share leader, etc.)

a.) Identify, describe, and discuss the three price/quality price tiers (value, mainstream, premium). b.) What is happening in each of those price tier segments (i.e., growing, stable, declining)? c.) In addition to the price/quality price segments, discuss the ‘benefits sought’ segments.

The central issue, in this case, is how to position Clean Edge (the newest razor technology) in the mainstream vs. premium segment. a.) Discuss TWO pros aand TWO cons of targeting the mainstream segment; b.) do the same for the premium segment. c.) Which segment do you expect will be most profitable to the company and tell why you feel this way.

  1. Based on your analysis, a.) make a recommendation on how you think the company should proceed. b.) Comment on the following statement with regard to your recommendation: “Marketing managers usually put more emphasis on short-term results over long-term results.” 
  2. The brand is considering a new campaign targeting men who use electric shavers. a.) The VP in charge has asked for you to comment as to whether this is a good idea, and, b.) whether you agree with the idea or not, she has asked that you provide ONE idea for targeting/reaching these people.