halthcare mgmt ip2 powerpoint 8 12 slides outline

 This MUST be A PowerPoint PRESENTATION!  Health information systems can be divided into 4 categories: clinical information systems, management, strategic decision support, and e-health applications.

Instructions  THIS MUST BE NON_PlAGIARIZED!!! CITINGS WHEN NECESSARY!!! MUST HAVE ALL    REFERENCES!!!!!    Deliverable Length – 8 – 12 Slides with Outline!!!!! Will Pay $10 – $15 for this paper!   But, MUST BE AS STATED!!!!

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Explain the following types of computerized information systems:

  • Clinical
  • Management
  • Strategic decision support
  • E-health applications

Within your analysis, order the systems from most important to least important within a health care organization. Be sure to discuss why you chose this order.

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