Governors State University Marketing Presentation

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For this assignment, each student will choose a case study from the list below (chosen in Week 1 on the discussion board) and will develop a PowerPoint (with lecture notes*). You will take an in-depth look at the questions in the case and develop a PPT.

Each PPT will have 10 Slides with Notes

Slides 1 and 2 will be an overview of the case (graphics/pictures and notes).

Students will need to make sure in these slides that they have given the class an accurate representation of the case and its focus.

Slides 3 – 8 will be to respond to the questions in the case and make sure you answer them thoroughly integrating concepts from the chapter.

Slide 9 will be your wrap-up of the case and what you learned from it.

Slide 10 will be a Reference slide

You will need to use the textbook and 3 (at minimum) additional references in your research. More can be used. One of these references MUST be an Academic Peer-Review Journal found in the UIC library.

Cases are to be in proper APA format and style for a PPT.

Basically, this will be a paper written in the notes section that is graphically represented on the slide.  Think out of the box and use your imagination.  Go above and beyond the case and update what has happened since the case was written.