Global Population & Retailing Case Study Analysis

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Analyze the global population data found in the table from the textbook: Population Demographics: A Global
Perspective—Selected Countries

Analyze the data from a retailing perspective, using each country’s population data to justify your assertions. For
example, how would a retailer react to data that suggests a very young or a very old population? How would
literacy rate affect marketing strategies? Should the retailers product mix vary by country, and if so, why? How
does the size of a country’s population affect decisions? Make sense of the data looking for trends and how these
trends would help a retailer become an effective global competitor.

No mathematical calculations are necessary, but cite percentages from the table to support your position and

Cite at least three credible sources other than the textbook. 

Your response should be 45 pages in length, well written, and in conformity with APA