Gather and Analyze Data

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Assignment Instructions
Gather and Analyze Data
You have been charged with creating a survey for your community! The
community is interested in having you create a survey and present the
results at the next town hall meeting.

In this project, students will:

Learn about quantitative variables.

Learn to analyze data for measures of central tendency (mean, median and mode)
Learn to create an effective presentation with real-world conclusions.
To complete this project you will:

Think of a problem within your community or workplace. The problem
needs to be something others will have an interest in solving or will
want to share reactions to.

1. Create a 10 question survey with quantitative variables (number) on a
topic you are interested in. Think of questions where 0 is dislike
there is a scale to 4- like. Another way to do this is using 0-never, 1
sometimes, 2 frequently, and 3 always.
2. Administer the survey to a minimum of 10 people.
3. Analyze your data for the mean, median, and mode of each questions.
4. Create a visual from this chapter: bar graph, box and whisker plot, histogram, stem and leaf plot. etc.
5. Compile the information into a slide presentation, of at least 5
slides, to present at the next town hall. The presentation should
present: the mean, median, and mode of each question, the visual of the
data, and conclusions based on the statistics you found in the survey.