fully explain process gene expression transcription and translation write your essay context

Fully explain the process of gene expression; transcription and translation. Write your essay in the context of having 1:30 hrs. to complete it in class. Make sure you include at least the following; • Genetic code; use examples to show the wobble hypothesis and the 3’ base. Why is it redundant but not ambiguous? Give a possible example of the importance of that. • Transcription in eukaryotic organisms; initiation, elongation and termination. Include all of the components involved i.e., enzymes. Describe messenger RNA structure and processing and the importance of processed parts in translation • Describe the following molecular components involved in translation; tRNA structure and function, aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase function. Activation of a tRNA. • Describe assembly of the ribosome subunits and the mature ribosome structure during translation • Processes and components of inititiation, elongation, and termination of translation • Changes in a gene that may have a deleterious effect in the protein it codes for