For this report: Please review this article on price controls in pharmaceutical industry:

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b) Write a report (clearly typed in a MS-Word file using MS-Word). Your report should be broken into two sections:

Section 1 (first paragraph): Summary of the topic covered in these sources; Do not copy/paste excerpts from the textbook or various web-sites. Summary should be in your own words and should be based on your understanding of the issue covered in those sources.

Section 2 (at the most two-three paragraphs long): Your thoughts on the topic. Critically evaluate authors’ findings. For example, tell me why you agree or disagree with the authors or their points, by supporting your own points by giving examples, or by providing convincing evidence for your points. You could also highlight the shortcomings of the articles. (e.g., Do you share or do not share any the points outlined in the article? Why? Why not?).