Food Service and Hospitality Strategic Marketing Case Study Questions

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Answer the following questions related to the Case Study, “Taco Bell: The Breakfast Opportunity.”

the Case Study from the Kellogg School of Management, “Taco Bell: The Breakfast Opportunity.”

Taco Bell executives feel significant pressure to find growth opportunities. This pressure comes from investors who are looking for stock gains and from operators who want to see strong store-level results.

1.Taco Bell’s most recent growth is tied to the introduction of an innovative and wildly successful new product introduction. What was that new product? Describe the marketing mix for that product. Which of the “four P’s” do you feel is the most significant factor in the success of this product? Explain your answer.

2.Describe the key customer demographic for Taco Bell. What factors would contribute to them being interested in purchasing breakfast from Taco Bell? What about their habits and preferences might make them a difficult core demographic for breakfast?

3.Taco Bell executives don’t expect that offering breakfast will create new breakfast consumers. Where will their breakfast customers come from? What role does this fact play in their promotional strategy?

4.Taco Bell’s next growth strategy might very well be to offer breakfast at its restaurants. Describe the marketing mix for this new offering. Which of the “four P’s” do you feel will be the most significant factor in the success of this offering? Explain your answer.

5.Taco Bell launched breakfast. Has it been a success? Why? Conduct some internet research to support your answer. Please include links to your source material with your answer.