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1. Watch the two Zappos’ videos posted in BbLearn. As stated in second paragraph of Section 2.3 The Internal Environment: Corporate Culture “Culture is a pattern of shared values and assumptions about how things are done within the organization. This pattern is learned by members as they cope with external and internal problems and taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think and feel.”

After watching the videos, identify two visible levels of culture you can identify at Zappos and the impact on efficiency or effectiveness. Explain how the artifacts reinforce the corporate culture at Zappos.

2. How does a positive corporate culture, such as Zappos’, contribute to increased efficiency?

3. In Section 2.5a the authors write the following:

“In Corporate Culture and Performance, John Kotter and James Heskett provided evidence that companies that intentionally managed cultural values outperformed similar companies that did not.”

Based on the examples in the Zappos’ videos, discuss how you see Zappos intentionally managing culture Use at least three examples from the videos to support your point of view.

4. There book discusses slogans as a way to identify and reinforce culture. Slogan succinctly expresses a key corporate value and/or convey a special meaning to employees. An example provided in the text is from The Ritz-Carlton is its slogan “Ladies and gentlemen taking care of ladies and gentlemen.” What do you think the message means to customers and employees? How does it shape culture within The Ritz-Carlton?

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