follow the instruction to write an essay about Cilvi Right Movement

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Answer the following essay question in approximately 1000 words (3 double spaced pages). Remember that history essays should have a clear structure and argument, including a thesis statement, introduction, and conclusion. Be sure to use citations when you reference course materials.

Jacquelyn Dowd Hall developed the concept of the long civil rights movement to argue that the way we remember the civil rights movement affects how we understand its legacies. If we define the movement narrowly, as the classic phase of the movement narrowly focused on segregation and the South, then its legacy appears simple and successful. If we define it as a broader and longer movement that worked for economic equality as well as legal rights and saw its ultimate end as achieving dignity and opportunity for all, then its legacy looks very different.

Given the long and broad civil rights framework we have studied this semester, how would you assess the legacy of the civil rights movement? How were its greatest achievements attained? What ambitions remain unfulfilled?