Florida International University How I Can Be Happier in My Own Life Essay

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 submit an individual task where you conduct research on how to actually be happier in life and in the workplace.

research on how you can be happier in life and at the workplace and, therefore, you would have learned various ways in which one can be more joyful and blissful. Second, by putting the ideas you learned from your research and your own creative ideas together and writing a paper on how you can be more joyful in life and at work in a practical sense, I expect that you would have written about ideas that you can put in practice in your own life. Third, by the time you are done with your assignment, I expect that you have practiced your writing, and, therefore, improved your writing skills. 🙂

Important note: Please note that when I mention happiness, joy, or bliss in the description of the Happy Assignment, I am referring to both short-term and long-term happiness, joy, or bliss combined together (and at times sacrificing present happiness, joy, or bliss for future happiness, joy, or bliss). As an example, a human being may find much happiness in eating a delicious but unhealthy meal in the shorter run; however, if s/he keeps eating those delicious but unhealthy meals, the chances are that their physical health and overall well-being will suffer in the longer-run. In another example, a student who does everything but study for his/her courses may experience a certain level of pleasure in the current moment; however, if s/he keeps on not studying, the chances are that their performance in those courses will be affected. As these examples indicate, the happiness, joy, and bliss that I am referring to in the description of the Happy Assignment is the happiness, joy, and bliss that emphasizes long-term or future happiness while maintaining present happiness or sacrificing present happiness if it is truly necessary in order to experience future happiness. In other words, research into and come up with creative ideas on how you can enhance your long-term or future happiness, joy, and bliss, while also enhancing your current happiness, joy, and bliss (and sacrificing your current happiness if it is necessary to experience future happiness)