Fitness Makeup assignment:

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  • Think about a fitness topic of specific interest to you. For example: training for a half marathon, weight training and diabetes, functional fitness, etc.
  • Find an article for that topic from a reputable fitness organization that has performed studies on the topic. (Great organizations: American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Ace Fitness, The National Strength and Conditioning Association) Find articles that are written by someone who has certifications and/or degrees in fitness or Kinesiology. These organizations are interested in finding what works and doesn’t, not trying to sell you something.

Explore these fitness websites and use them as a resource in the future. There’s always some new gadget, gizmo, specialty drinks that promises to improve fitness. I want you to have access to reputable organizations that have tested or researched these topics. It could save you lots of money and/or protect your health.

  • Copy the link to the article.
  • Paraphrase what the article says about the fitness topic (Several paragraphs)
  • Tell me what you’ve learned from the article and how are you going to use what you’ve learned in your fitness program (Several paragraphs).
  • Email me the paper before the end of the semester.

You can choose one specific topic with several components or different fitness topics. For example, one student wanted to train for hiking trips. He picked several articles to review—one on proper hydration, one on proper footwear and another on training for hiking. He wrote a report on each one. He could have also made it one big paper with references to all articles.

Many people ask about the length of the assignment. If you put time and effort into it, I will give you more credit. Someone who writes only a few sentences will not get much credit or no credit at all. No reference links to fitness articles = no credit.