find a news article and talk about how we can relay on it

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Assignment: Find a news article (a secondary source)
covering a scientific topic. Indicate how you know that
the article is or isn’t presenting the topic in a manner that
considers real scientific evidence and presents it with the
intent to inform the reader. You are not expected to be
an expert on the topic covered. Your work product should
not be more than 1 pg.

Goal: Begin to think about how you are hearing about
science outside the classroom. You will learn how to
differentiate evidence-based statements from opinion or

Consider the source:
Is the paper/magazine/website reputable?
Does the author have the background knowledge to report
on the topic?
Is alternative information presented?
Do you think information was left out of the article?
Is the article an advertisement posing as news?
Is the article current?
Does the author give references or explain where the
information presented originates?
What else should you consider?

I’ll upload the paper