final Speech Analysis: Reflecting on one thing you have learned, writing homework help

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Hey guys, 

I’m submitting the directions below for Fundamentals of Speech course, final speech analysis paper. I have provided the reference for my book below.  MLA format, please. Please ensure sentence structure, grammar, spelling and proper use of words in correct context as well as proper length paragraphs and full, complete sentences.  

SUBJECT of Final Speech Analysis:  Reflecting on one
thing you have learned. Done as a 2-3 page essay.

Consider all the
information concerning speech communication discussed in the

Choose the one most important thing you learned in the

Your essay should identify and
describe your choice, and discuss how you will use this information
 in your further college courses, job and
career or your interpersonal relationships.


Beebe, Beebe, and Ivy.
(2012). Communication: Principles for a Lifetime, 6e.  Boston:
Pearson, 2015.