Final Project Management Plan

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Prepare a final Project Plan by reviewing and revising the preliminary project plan for the Learning Team’s selected project. This paper should be in APA format (which means intro/closing paragraphs, headers, etc)

Use the requirements defined for the Preliminary Project Plan completed in Week 2.

List the milestones that must be accomplished to achieve the project goals. Include a discussion of the critical path for the project and what tasks are on it.

Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The WBS is typically in the format of a “hierarchy” chart structure (can use MS Powerpoint to build)…..need to go to at least 4 levels (ie.e. X.X.X.X) in the WBS. Yes I understand that MS Project can “self build” the WBS but I need to see your team understand the concepts and build it yourselves.

Develop a Microsoft® Project Gantt chart detailing the tasks/subtasks, dependencies, resources for the project. Ensure you have an adequate number of tasks/subtasks for the project. Ensure task/subtasks names are appropriate, dependencies make sense, timeframes make sense, etc as your build out your project schedule Gantt chart.

Develop the project budget.