Final class discussion

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Please respond to my classmate response:

Rules and regulations laid by a business to employers and employees to run business activities with due diligence, honesty and integrity is a code of business conduct (Schmidt et al. 2017). From this point of view, owning a business calls for practicing code of business conduct to every employee. I would practice this by making sure employees observe on legal matters. Employees need to obey the laws of the business and government. Also, it will be a good culture for the business to be compliant to regulations set for the business and its products. Doing this will lead to avoiding penalties and fines to the company by respective legal authorities. Employees to adopt moral values like being trustworthy, respect both colleagues and employer, responsible in business, caring, being fair and should be a patriot to the nation. Besides, there should be a violation of the code of ethics to be formulated in the business. This will help to punish employees who break business ethics.


Schmidt, B. J., MacWilliams, B. R., & Neal-Boylan, L. (2017). Becoming inclusive: a code of conduct for inclusion and diversity. Journal of Professional Nursing, 33(2), 102-107.