FAU Sociology and Family Concepts Questions

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Please number and answer the following questions, based on lectures as well as readings.Do not repeat the question; simply number then answer. Your total word count for this exam should be about 750 words, typed, doublespaced.

1. What does it mean to take a sociological perspective of families? Why is defining family important? What is the difference between the public family vs the private family, and how has this changed throughout US history?

2. In the US, many people believe that most poor people are lazy people who don’t want to work and instead rely completely on welfare. Explain with facts / statistics / examples how we know these stereotypes are false. Next, research shows that social class impacts how children are raised and their life chances.

3. Explain how bias theory and institutional discrimination theory each explain racial-ethnic inequality in the US. Be sure to explain the types of profiling and also the four main points of institutional discrimination theory.

4. What is the difference between sex and gender? What is gender socialization, and explain examples of gender bias in different levels of school. How and why do women and men, on average, have different communication styles? Give examples of rapport talk vs report talk.

5. Explain with examples three ways LGBTQIA+ individuals face stigma / discrimination in the US. Next, from the reading (28)Dozier, why has there been a heavy investment in asserting that same-sex parents don’t differ from heterosexual parents?