family genetic history

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1.  Complete the family
genetic history using the information that the adult participant is willing to
share with you. The focus of this course is on the normal “healthy” individual
so your paper does not need to contain much medical/nursing detail. Refer to
your textbook or the Internet to learn what impact the family’s health history may
have on the adult participant’s personal state of wellness both now and in the

This paper does
not require APA formatting, but you are expected to write clearly and use
proper grammar and spelling.

Developing a pictorial
genogram using symbols to identify certain relationships (e.g., divorced,
sibling, deceased, etc.), may provide more insight, however, drawing may be
difficult to accomplish with MS Word, therefore you are not expected to use
symbols, lines, or other drawing elements. Instead, describe the relationships
among the various people in the adult participant’s family’s genetic history.
Remember, the goal is not to learn how to draw with Word, but to gather
information about the family and recognize its significance to the adult
participant and that person’s health.

2.  Save the completed
form by clicking on “Save as” and add your last name to the file name, e.g.,

Submit the completed form to the Family Genetic History basket in the Dropbox
by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 3. Please post questions about this
assignment to the weekly Q & A Forums so the entire class may view the