Executive Summary substance abuse, opioids, in Baltimore city, MD United States, political science homework help

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  • Topic: substance abuse, opioids, in Baltimore city, MD United States.

An Executive Summary is a short summary of the larger policy briefing. It is intended to communicate the essence of the policy problem and your recommendations as efficiently as possible. Additionally, an executive summary should convince the reader that your larger paper is worth their time and attention. As a result, it’s important to communicate clearly the relevance and importance of your briefing in the executive summary. Think of your target audience as someone who may read several of these on their way to work as a means of getting up to speed on policy issues. Your executive summary must include:

  • A description of the policy issue
  • A statement on why action is needed to change the approach to this policy or to change the policy’s outcomes
  • Your recommendations for action, along with some justification for those recommendations. (this should not be copy paste from your other assignment)
  • Your name, due date, and a brief title.
  • Additionally, because this is a school assignment, please include a sentence explaining your role as well as your intended audience.
  • List your references in APA
  • Reminder, all work is subject to Turnitin.

No more than 1 single side of paper. You are free to use that page as you see fit to communicate the key points of the briefing as effectively as possible.

*I have attached a paper sample just to have an idea about the Executive summary.