Ethics in Criminal Justice questionnaire, law homework help

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This class is Ethics in Criminal Justice 

Answer 4 out of the 8 following
questions in their entirety. Although quality is more important than quantity,
the total response for all questions should not be less than 5 pages. You paper
will be graded on content as well as overall quality of writing.

1.  How
might you explain the fact that the female prison population is increasing at a
faster rate than that for men?

2.  Identify
some of the pros and cons of arming probation officers. If you were a probation
officer, would you want to be required to carry a firearm? What factors did you

3.  Make
the case for whether mandatory minimum sentences, the war on drugs, and sexual
predators, are examples of policy grounded in empirical, ethical, or
ideological grounds. Why did you decide the way you did?

4.  Given
the huge negative outcome of prisoner disenfranchisement, what are some reasons
to stay the course? Why are some reasons to eliminate it? If correctional
supervision is “enough” punishment, why do we continue to punish after release
from supervision?

5.  What
are the advantages and disadvantages to considering the moral legitimacy of
torture under a time bomb scenario? Would you be supportive of such an
approach? Why or why not?

6.  Do you
think the US has a better chance at “winning” the war on terror from a
consequentialist or nonconsequentialist perspective? Or, would you suggest some
other ethical system as a framework?

7.  Discuss
local examples using Rome’s process model of how media imagery creates and
blends with stereotypes to perpetuate the image of the criminal black male.
What would be a more accurate way for the media to report the examples you are

8.  Consider
Surette’s “law of opposites”. While he uses crime as an example, can you think
of any other topics that also fit the characteristics of his law? For example,
are there other media stories that are, for example. a prominent feature of all
media, overwhelmingly about the seriousness of that topic, have characters that
are generally different than those really involved in that topic, etc. See page
249 for additional characteristics.