Ethics and Technology Paper. Three pages College level

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Paper 3 allows you to choose from any of the ethical theories we have discussed over the course of the quarter. In comparison with Paper 1, where a single theory was to be discussed, this time students are free to compare more than one theory. However, the emphasis is not on demonstrating an understanding of how theory works. The point is to apply theory to a controversy or moral dilemma concerning technology. The choice can again concern intellectual property or security, but the paper also requires that the student read from and cite at least one historical text from the history of philosophy that has been assigned reading.

You can use the Immanuel Kant theory and I will attach the the historical text you have to use and site. Also I put a philosophical reading on privacy by Quinn to help understand privacy laws and issues with it. But the theory you will use is the immanuael Kant theory either theory agrees or disagrees and argue it well.

I will attach the controversy or moral dilemma concerning technology you can use the facebook case

I will also attach the rubric

I need a good grade