Ethical Leadership-related article.

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Oral and written assignment

Each student will make an in-depth presentation/critique to the class of one Ethical Leadership-related article.

The article must be taken from the text book and a scholarly reviewed source, i.e. journal, authored/edited book, either hard copy or electronic version accessed from an accredited source (e.g. university library, google scholar, etc.).

Each student will use Power Point or other media-related format, covering all main points discussed (15 – 20?-minute presentations; to include Q & A).

Your own opinion of the article is critical and NOT a summary of the article. Additionally, a 5-6-page report (cover page and reference page not included in the count), double spaced 12-font paper discussing the article as it relates to the course objectives and outcomes, as well as the student’s analysis will be submitted to me with a copy of the article. APA format is required.