Essay on “one hundred per cent American”

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Essay 3 — worth 8 points

Suppose Ralph Linton were to rewrite his essay “One Hundred Per Cent American.” Suppose he were to focus on those “Ameri­can” items used by his fictional middle-class person that originat­ed with or were heavily influenced by gifts from ancient China?

How would his new essay read?
500 to 600 words.

Start your essay like this:

[Choose a name] wakes up unaware of how many aspects of her/his day were developed in China….

Your essay is due no later than noon on Wednesday, December 19, 2018. Late submissions may receive reduced credit and could result in your missing the grades submission deadline.

Hint #1: Since this assignment is worth 8 points, you might want to include at least 8 Chinese contributions in your essay.
Hint #2: To make sure all your items get counted, you might want to boldface or underline them in the text.