essay compare and contrast history repeats itself

Essay 3: Compare and contrast

History Repeats Itself

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                We’ve heard the old adage that “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  Others have said “History moves in patterns.”  In either case, it often takes knowledgeable people to actually point it out.  In this essay, I want you to become one of these knowledgeable people.


Assignment: In  five pages, you are to set up a comparison between a current (within the last 5 years) event/issue/figure and a historical event/issue/figure (10 or more years ago).  These MUST be different things (in other words, you cannot compare farming/music/skateboards as it/they is/are today and as it/they was/were “back then;” however, you CAN compare something specific about one artist and something else specific about another artist). You will analyze the similarities between the two, undermine significant contrasting elements, and explain why the comparison is significant.  This paper MUST be in MLA format; your Works Cited page should include at least 4 sources (note, the Works Cited page does NOT count towards your page length).

Topic possibilities to get you started thinking:

-Lady Gaga’s costumes and The Grateful Dead’s on-stage Improvisation both serve the same purpose—attracting a loyal audience.

-Video games today are becoming stratified into high art and popular media, just as Literature did.

Banned topics: Falkland Islands controversy

                                Russian Crimean/georgian invasion