Essay about world literature before 1600

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The essay will consist of TWO short essays of about 5 paragraphs (For each) responding to two different topics. You MUST write on both topics, and you MUST engage your texts. This requires a) preparing carefully for the exam by choosing a set of quotes that you think could fit into essays on both topics before you get the thesis statements. An essay that doesn’t use direct quotes from the textbook will not pass.

The two general topics (again, you must write on both):

  1. Images of Gender–we have been discussing this theme all term–it was on the Mid-Term, but our discussions keep coming back to this topic, so I think it’s worth exploring over the course of our readings.
  2. Images of Morals and Morality coming from heroic figures (of all kinds) in World Literature. This has also be a theme in many of our discussions–so think about what the lessons are that these stories suggest to us and whether or not they have continuing value today.

This work will ask you to write two different essays quoting directly from at least three different titles from our reading list. You may not use the same writers or works in both essays. E.g., if you use 1001 Nights in Essay 1, you cannot use it in Essay 2. Do not use titles not on the lists. You must write on both given topics.

Essay 1 will give you a thesis to either support or argue against engaging the images of gender (feminine, masculine, and other)

Essay 2 will give you a thesis to either support or argue against engaging the morality and didactic depictions of leaders, heroes, and deities.

Reading list:

1: Gilgamesh

2: The Iliad (selections from the text) and The Art of War

3: Metamorphoses

4: The 1001 Nights

5: The Tale of the Genji

6: Don Quixote

7: Utopia

8: The Myths of the Cherokee

Required Textbooks: Laura Getty and Kyounghye Kwon, editors. The Compact Anthology of World Literature, Parts One-Three. This text is free and Open-Source: