Eng 122 Homework

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For your topic, I think you have a good start, but right now, the topic is a bit too general, and needs to be specific more and also needs to be made a bit more debatable.

Instead of what you have here, you might present an argument about how college tuition should be free/reduced. Or about how there should be more assistance for repayment after graduation and why.

Homework Week-by-Week:

You Are here and on week 3

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

  • Complete Section One
  • Begin Section Two
  • Begin Section Three
  • Complete Section Two
  • Continue Section Three
  • Begin Section Four
  • Continue Section Three
  • Continue Section Four
  • Begin Section Five
  • Complete Section Three
  • Complete Section Four
  • Complete Cover Page
  • Submit Completed Research Notebook