economics race and gender essay

The purpose of this project is to evaluate your understanding and application of the materials covered in this class for you to make critical and informative decision in solving personal, social, and labor market issues related to race and gender in the United States and the Global Society.


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*****Select an economic topic relating to Economic of Race and Gender. Example” The economic significance of Discrimination at the Work place “ ( The following are samples of term paper topics and work)

a)    Gender based Discrimination

b)   Women in Engineering

c)   Housewife to Career

d)   Segregation and the Racial Wage Gap

e)    Changing Roles in the Household

f)    The Role of Affirmative Action in Society

g)   Economics of Race and Gender and Globalization


Collect at least fifteen clippings from recent or current issues (year 2007+) of the Wall Street Journal, News Media or any Business Journal or reputable magazines that relate to your selected topic of Economics of race and gender.


Analyze all these articles to select information necessary to support your topic.  Make sure you underline or bold the following in your work; INTRODUCTION, BODY, & CONCLUSION


Also you must number your pages excluding cover page and citation page.

The minimum required pages for your work must be five pages , less than five pages but equal to four pages is automatic “D” grade. Any work less than four pages is “F” grade.


You must use all your skills in producing an excellent work- accuracy, grammar, spelling & general format of writing a college term paper. (MLA, APA, Chicago style, etc)



 Include a bibliographic citation of each clipping in the following form: Fudd, Elmer. “Will Tax Cuts Speed or Slow the Recovery?” Wall Street Journal, July 15, 2003, p. 1.