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Week 2 Discussion


  • Refer to Chapter 8: Who can be found guilty of business crime and what is the key to establishing criminal liability? Using the Internet, research and post an example of a business crime committed in the last 2 years and any and all of those who were held criminally liable. (See the examples of types of business crimes in the chapter reading). Include your source for information in your answer.
  • When in the private workplace do we have a “reasonable expectation of privacy”? What is the test for the tort of invasion of privacy? If management’s interest is to make sure its employees are productive, can management monitor computers, workstations, phones, etc.? Why or why not?
  • Can management/employers today use personal information and lifestyle posts on social media to make a determination of whether to hire someone? Why or why not? Support your answer.

i need you to also response to a student also following :

Catherine Paredes Rosero

RE: Week 2 Discussion


1. An article I found about a business crime is the case of a family business that experienced an embezzlement crime.James Ridley and his wife, Lynne, have an auto repair business named Sardis Auto Repair. Ridley decided to help his step daughther, Wendy Price, by offering a job in his company as the shop manager. Wendy was handling all the finances and doing all of their books. Starting from August (2019) towards this January (2020), she was stealing the money that the business produces from sales. Price took more than $11,000.00 from his stepfather business, leaving the company and her family unstable. Nowadays, the business had to close due to the lack of money to buy car parts and pay for labor.



2. Managers should monitor their workers to know the work they are doing and how productive they are performing in their area. I don’t believe that checking all the computer screenings all the time is an excellent source to get this information since it will be a violation of privacy, however, controlling in other ways their work will be understandable. One way in which managers can control this progress and work is by scheduling meetings to check the advances and news each worker had and also set deadlines for projects or sales to manage the effort employees put on each task.

3. I hear a lot of checking social media when hiring a person for a job position, and I do not disagree with that. I believe that managers and owners of business what to make sure that their employees or future employees will have a proper development on the company and can apport positively to it. Additionally, what people post on social media is public, and they must not be in discordance that others may check their profile for any reason. If they post something, they agree that any person in the world could see those pictures or information.