Do my actions contribute to slavery?

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Those of us who live within the boundaries of the United States are somewhat removed from the reality of how abundant slavery is within modern society. It is assumed that items purchased in local grocery stores and chain stores are safe, but are they? Begin your investigation by visiting this interactive web site and identifying the type of commodities being produced through slavery and where it is happening: and identifying our own unique slavery footprint.

Content Requirements

In response to your investigation, prepare a 1-2 page response discussing your discoveries. Think about the following questions:

  • Do my actions contribute to slavery?
  • How big is my slavery footprint?
  • Was I even aware that I was leaving a slavery footprint?

Format Requirements

Document Type

MS Word

Paper Size

8.5 X 11″


1-2 pages




10-12 pt Times New Roman or a similar font.

Line Spacing

Double. No extra double space between paragraphs please.

In-text Citations & Reference List Style


File Naming Convention

Example: DoeJohnWeek3Apply2


After preparing your assignment in Microsoft Word, you will submit it, as an attachment below. When you are ready, scroll down to access the +File attachment area.

Upload the file first, then write something in the input box, such as “Please see attached.” Then, you will see the ORANGE save button appear. Click the button to submit your assignment.


Questions about this assignment? Feel free to post them in the Ask Questions forum, which you can access by clicking the “Discussions” tab from top of the Course Outline.

This is due on Sunday before 12:00 EST.