Do an excel form for accouting

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– This is a group Project.

– You MUST use Excel.

– A group is 4 or more. You can use People/Collaborations or whatever social media you would like to use.

– This is an exercise in learning Excel, teamwork and CHECKING YOUR WORK!

Specific Instructions:

1. Start by downloading the sample on the previous screen. Use the newer version (2016). There is both the test and an answer key.

2. You need to modify the spreadsheet as follow:

– Create an input worksheet (tabs at the bottom). All input should be on this sheet.

– There should be no “hard” numbers in the output section. This means you need to review, review, review and edit.

– The point is to make this spreadsheet ready for future use. Just change a few inputs and the whole budget is re-calculated.

How it will be graded:

1. Upload your Excel with your teams member’s names embedded in the Excel. You only need to make one submission per team, so make sure the names are on the Excel.

2. Hard numbers — every hard number found in the output section will be 5 points off.

3. New numbers will be entered into the input section to see that the spreadsheet calculates correctly. 5 points off for every mistake.