Discussion Questions to be Answered

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Please answer the following questions (please include the question verbiage in your response); these questions will only need to be answered in a question and answer formatting but will need to include citations and references in APA formatting.

  1. What is the theory of situational leadership? What are the four different types of leadership within the theory and in what settings would each be applied. Give examples if necessary (not required).
  2. What are the five practices of exemplary leaders as defined by Kouzes and Posner (2007)? List and define the five. Of these five, which is your strongest and which is your weakest? Provide an example of a time where you experienced failure in one of these categories.
  3. What are Conger’s four components of successful persuasion? Define each, and give an example of one of the four. Identify two influence tactics from Yukl and Falbe and briefly explain whether or not they fit into Conger’s model.