Discussion post about the twelfth night

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I have attached the rubric and guidelines for the post below. You will have to pick out four key words each from different acts and scenes throughout the play and analyze there importance. This is a close reading paragraph so write accordingly. This should reflect knowledge of context and the reading itself.

This week we’re going to focus once again on revising and editing your prose. For this week’s post, please write three (3) close reading paragraphs. Just as you did last week, please pick out three to five key terms to analyze/explain for each paragraph. (Feel free to return to Week 2 if you need a reminder of how to write a close reading paragraph). These paragraphs do not need to relate to one another.

To receive full credit, each paragraph must refer to a different scene in “Twelfth Night” (i.e. you will not receive credit if you write three paragraphs about the opening scene). Part of the aim of this writing post is to show that you’ve read the play and that you’re listening to the lectures.

In addition to looking for content, I will grade for writing mechanics with a focus on the following: eliminating passive voice, eliminating run-on sentences, eliminating sentence fragments, and eliminating vague pronoun references. Please take the time to proofread your posts for grammatical errors prior to posting your work.

LENGTH REQUIREMENT: EACH PARAGRAPH MUST CONTAIN AT LEAST 5 SENTENCES OF YOUR PROSE (15 SENTENCES TOTAL + QUOTATIONS FROM THE PLAY). You should aim to write one to two introductory sentences before the quotation and three to four explanatory sentences after the quotation.