discussion . about The U.S. Flag in Art and Read Between the Lines

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part a:

Faith Ringgold painted her Flag for the Moon: Die Nigger in 1969. In 1970, she was arrested for organizing “The People’s Flag Show”, which protested against laws governing the use of the image of the American flag.


The two works above were also created in 1970. Identify them both by title and artist, and briefly discuss their imagery and historical context. Compare and contrast the two pictures. Feel free to expand upon the prompt and add other references to art using the American flag. Can you find more recent examples of “Flag art”?

part b:

David Botello: Read Between the Lines


Discuss the subjects portrayed in David Botello’s 1975 mural Read Between the Lines. How do the subjects address the messages of the Chicano Movement? Feel free to add and discuss other murals in Los Angeles OR other parts of California, including San Francisco or the Bay area.