Discussion 250 words

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As our course textbook indicates, “Solid research is the backbone of any Current Situation section. Mapping may help you highlight logical relationships behind the problem or opportunity, but your follow-up research will provide the support on which those logical arguments stand” (61-62).

In this week’s discussion you will begin to frame the research that informs the current situation section of your proposal. “A good approach to research,” our textbook tells us, “uses triangulation to cross-reference sources” (61). You should draw information from at least three different kinds of sources: electronic, print, and empirical. Using only one type of source–electronic sources through internet searches, for example–will weaken the arguments you are making.

In your initial contribution discuss the research you are conducting to support the claims in your current situation. Your initial contribution should include at least one reference from each source type in the above quote (electronic, print, and empirical). How do these sources help to inform your understanding of the current situation? What do they say about the issue/problem/opportunity and its causes and effects?