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1.Three different pictures are posted for the essay. You can select either one as the topic of your essay.

2.The description essay will include things such as the time period, the weather, the kinds of houses and buildings around, the behavior of the people, and anything else you want to include to portray what you would see if you were there. It’s ok to use bits and pieces about what you see in the image, but the focus is description of the entire picture. A sample sentence could be, “While the main image in the picture is very clear, the smaller, background items are necessary to portray the message of the entire picture.”

3. Focus on the picture itself, but it is also good if you can use your imagination to describe what you think is going on based on the way you see the picture. Look beyond the images themselves and think about what could have caused this to happen, where it is happening, who is involved, a possible solution, an intended meaning or message, etc. The more creative, the better, but don’t forget to describe the picture as the major part of the essay.

4. Remember that the length of the essay is 500 words, written according to MLA format, and contains NO PERSONAL PRONOUNS. Use your textbook and writing handbook to understand the way to write without using personal pronouns. Also, use a real title and not just Descriptive Essay. For example, use something like Fire on the Way.

Descriptive 1

Descriptive 1

Descriptive 2

Descriptive 2

Descriptive 3

Descriptive 3

-Paper is double spaced all the way through.

-Pages are numbered consecutively from first page through Works Cited page.

-Do not do a separate Title Page.

-Give your paper an actual title and not just “…Essay.”

-If you use information from any source, you must give credit to the source within the

text of the paper, and you must also include the source on the Works Cited page.

-Entries on the Works Cited page are listed in alphabetical order by the first word of the