Describe Nick or Gatsby from the Great Gatsby Novel. I have provided everything you need to know about this assignment below.

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  1. Describe Nick or Gatsby from the Great Gatsby Novel
  2. Describe this person from a Freudian or Neo-Freudian perspective
  3. Describe this person from another theoretical perspective we’ve covered in this course (not psychoanalytic)
  4. Summarize and present your opinion about how well these theories describe the person in question.

For part 1: It may help to narrow your description to how this person acts in a certain situation or a specific aspect of their personality. This part should be a strictly descriptive, without any interpretation. That is, describe what this person does, says or feels, not why that is.

For parts 2 and 3: Go back over the description in the first part and provide an explanation for these characteristics from each of the theories you are reviewing. It may help to briefly review the main thrust of the theory first (e.g. “Freud emphasized unconscious conflict as the determinant of behavior”) and then proceed with your application of the theory. You may combine theorists in each section if you choose (e.g. Freud and Adler for part 2, Maslow and Rogers for part 3) but be sure you integrate the theories in your application. You should be explaining the person’s behavior in these sections, answering the question “why is this person like this, according to this theory?” Be sure to explain any inconsistencies in behavior or in explanations of behavior.

For part 4: State your opinions and the reasons behind them. This is your opportunity to have a voice -there are no wrong opinions. Just be sure to provide the reasons for what you think so that the reader can understand your thinkin