Describe in some detail a Sikh.

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Describe in some detail a Sikh ritual/practice, historical event, or festival you find particularly interesting from our textbook chapter.……

Hello class,

Devotional music is particularly important for Sikhs. Communal singing is an important ritual for them. This page at the SikhNet website features numerous audio channels of kirtan. Enjoy.

Channel 2 has “Western/non-traditional” gurbani and other types of music. It may be a good place to start as the instruments and musical stylings will be somewhat familiar.

Please feel free to share your thoughts is you have a chance to listen to some of this. I would be particularly curious to know if these recordings and broadcasts have a “spiritual” feeling that comes through for you despite the obvious differences in language and culture.

Sikhnet also has a number of resources to teach people about Sikhism. One of the most creative is a game called “Karma: The Ogre’s Curse,” in which the player takes on the persona of a Sikh child must help rid her/his village of an evil ogre. Along the way, the player learns about Sikh culture and devotional practices. Players need to set a user name and password.

This link takes you to an English translation of the full Sri Guru Granth Sahib in modern English. I have an iPad and this version’s pages fit well (lengthwise/landscape mode) on the iPad screen.

Below are some videos of kirtan, the devotional music of Sikhism.

Here is a video of an American-born woman, a convert to Sikhism, performing Sikh devotional music.

This one features a 4-year-old boy performing Sikh sacred music.

And this is a little girl leading kirtan.

Here is a male trio performing kirtan earlier this year.

Below please find links for materials on Sikhism from the BBC. India, home of Sikhism, was a British colony for many years and this explains the strong interest. Please feel free to share your thoughts about these materials for participation credit. As always, these are bonus links, not mandatory. Enjoy as you have time and interest.

Here is the BBC page on Sikhism:

This article talks about the dying martial arts tradition within Sikhism:

This article is about Sikhs traveling to learn about their group’s sacrifices for Britain in WWI.