D7.1: Discussion 7.1 – Making Decisions and Problem Solving

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Remember to:

  • Prepare:
    • Read the directions for this discussion board prior to participating.
  • Fully Participate and use Netiquette:
    • Make sure you directly and completely address the discussion forum question(s)/topic.
    • You must respond to at least one of your fellow classmates evaluating their ideas and offer further suggestions for improvement and experimentation.
    • Make sure to use proper grammar and punctuation.
    • Comply with Netiquette Guidelines in the “Getting Started” area and include a salutation to your classmate, such as Dear John Student.


  • What are the strategies you will use to improve the quality of your decisions?
  • Discuss how you will implement plans to generate alternative solutions as you go about problem-solving.
  • Discuss some of the problems that have impacted and restricted your critical thinking and how your awareness has now helped you to avoid problems that may affect your thinking.