culture identity paper

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1). Examine your own cultural heritage

– Please cite the textbook on the discussion on personal, relational and communal identity. Then use your own words to describe your personal, relational and communal identities.

– For each one of the identities you described, please identity a particular cultural heritage that you are exposed to and explain how this identity is related to that cultural heritage. For instance, you may have a communal identity as a college student. What does it mean to you when it comes to being a college student? Hard-working? Joggling between work and school? Are those notions related to any cultural heritage that you receive?

– Identify one or two cultural heritage(s) that has/have been most influential to you based on your analysis.

Citation from the textbook and follows correct APA style;

At least one identity articulated on personal, relational and communal level; adequate connection between cultural heritage and identity expectations

2) Cultural identity and communication

-please cite the textbook on the discussion on how we establish identities through “two pathways: avowal and ascription (Hall, 2005, p. 117)”.

– find one past communication anecdote where you remember the details: who were present, who said what and how did the conversation go.

-explain to me whether you believe this communication anecdote can be relevant to how you have established one of the before mentioned identity through communication. Specifically, did you establish that identity through avowal? Or ascription? Or a little bit of both? Was the attempt successful? Why or why not?

Communication anecdote explained in full; adequate explanation on the pathway to identities

3) Intercultural competency and cultural identity

– Please cite the definition of intercultural competency introduced in this class.

– Please share what you’ve learned from analyzing your cultural identity and how this learning may support you developing better intercultural communication competency.

Definition cited following correct APA citation style; adequate reflection connected to cultural identity

Paper needs to be typed, 900-1,500 words, with correct English and APA citation format.