Critical Ethical Thinking and Law Enforcement

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Read the article titled “Ethics in Law Enforcement and Policing: What the Public
Expects From Police and How Officers Can Deliver” located at
The article suggests that there are three (3) tests that can help officers with
the ethical decision-making process. Discuss which one (1) of the three (3)
methods you believe is the best guide for officers for ethical decision making,
and provide a rationale for your choice. 

The article suggests that there are values that are universally held by
society. Of those values mentioned in the article, determine which three (3) you
believe are most important for law enforcement officers to have, and explain
your rationale.


Law officers are respected, loved, hated, suspected, and feared. They have the
power to deprive individuals of their freedom, life, and reputation. Oath of
office, honesty, and integrity are three values that are important for law
enforcement to have. Officers are sworn upon oath as
a duty to protect the lives and rights of others. Under this oath they swear not
to ever betray their badge, integrity, character, or public trust. They must
hold themselves as well as fellow officers accountable for their
actions. They are to serve
with little to no misconduct or corruption.