Criminal Justice Policy Development for a Diverse Nation

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Assignment Guidelines total of 2 – 4 new pages

  • First, revise your Week 4 Key Assignment based on your instructor’s feedback and peer responses.
  • In Week 4, you developed a policy regarding the three strikes laws in the State of California. Now, the state has decided to try to revamp other systems within the government to accommodate more diverse populations. The three strikes laws are now causing a problem for the correctional institutions in the United States. Now, there is an older inmate population because of the aging of the population.
    • Locate and analyze the current problems pertaining to the three strikes laws and incarceration.
    • For this assignment, you will develop a policy change to address prisoners who have been sentenced under these three strike laws and have reached the age of 60.
    • In your policy, address the following:
      • Describe your proposed policy in detail, and provide the specific language you would propose to be part of any statute or regulation that results from your proposed policy.
      • What information could you provide to the community and the state legislature to implement such a policy change?
      • What would be the advantages of this policy? Explain and provide support for your arguments.
      • What would be the disadvantages? Explain and provide support for your arguments.
    • You should use the same format that you used for your Week 4 Key Assignment Draft policy.
  • Address the following in 1-2 pages:
    • What effect would your corrections policy have on the state budget and state taxes? Explain.
    • How have you ensured that your second policy effectively utilized the feedback you received for your three strikes policy from Week 4? Be specific and explain in detail.
  • Remember to support your policy with scholarly and academic resources.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Professors comments on phase 4 project (Total points earned (rounded): 130 out of 150 (87%).
Task Requirements points earned: 33.75 out of 37.5 (90%).
Demonstration and application of knowledge points earned: 70.13 out of 82.5 (85%).
Academic writing and format points earned: 26.1 out of 30 (87%).
Late Penalty: 10%
Strengths: Well written and organized project. Excellent use of resources. You completed a majority of the task requirements. Great discussion and analysis regarding the Three Strikes Law. Good discussion regarding the effect your policy would have on correctional system..
Opportunities for improvement: Good policy recommendation, but always remember to argue both sides of every issues Also, your project could have include more detail and substantive analysis regarding what impact your policy would have had on state budget and state taxes. Some minor spelling and grammar errors found. .
Additional Comments: Overall excellent job. Project submitted one day late, a 10% late penalty applied.)